Extended Deadline

The abstract and early bird deadlines have been extended to 5th August, 23.59


  • Mutation signatures in predictive models
  • Mechanisms of DNA damage, repair and maintenance in ageing and cancer
  • Metal speciation and genotoxicity
  • Young scientist session
  • Emerging concepts and strategies in genotoxicity and therapeutics safety
  • Risk assessment of contaminants

Confirmed Speakers

  • V. M. Arlt (London, UK),
  • J. Bornhorst (Wuppertal, GER),
  • J. M. Essigmann (Cambridge, USA),
  • J. Fahrer (Kaiserslautern, GER),
  • R. Frötschl (Bonn, GER),
  • S. Glowienke (Basel, CH),
  • A. Hartwig (Karlsruhe, GER),
  • T. Hofmann (Mainz, GER),
  • G. Johnson (Swansea, UK),
  • P. de Keizer (Utrecht, NL),
  • J. Loizou (Vienna, AT),
  • E. Markkanen (Zürich, CH),
  • A. Moisan (Basel, CH),
  • S. J. Sturla (Zürich, CH),
  • C. Mussolino (Freiburg, Germany)
  • R. Di Micco (Milan, Italy)
  • Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna (Milan, IT)
  • and others…

Scientific and Local Organizing Committee

V.M Arlt
D. Bauer
J. Bornhorst
A. Elhajouji
B. Epe
M. Fehr
S. Libertini
H.-J. Martus
S.J. Sturla
M. Lemmens
L. Müller
U. Plappert-Helbig
T. Remus
A. Diaconu
N. Erdogan